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Švenčionių vaistažolės

Švenčionių Vaistažolės UAB is one of the oldest herb processing plants in the Baltics and on the European continent, which has been operating and enshrining its traditions for many centuries.

The then small herb shop that started its purchasing activities in 1883 has now developed into Švenčionių Vistažolės plant, a herb processing undertaking equipped with the modern technological and laboratory facilities, which is bestowed with a number of awards and certificates. We supply our top quality products not only within Lithuania, but also in the markets of Latvia, Estonia, Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, USA and Japan.

We offer a wide range of products, teas and liquid products packaging services, and manufacturing of custom-made unique products with company logos.

Švenčionių Vaistažolės UAB – time-tested quality since 1883.

Our philosophy

Urban life is often associated with stress, endless appointments and routine, pollution and lack of time for personal matters. Nature outings allowing to draw new energy are not as frequent as one would wish. On the other hand, the healthy lifestyle trends make strengthening of the body with natural resources more popular.

The traditions of herbal medicine and novel technologies allow to maintain conformity to the highest standards in all areas of our business activities. The strong team of scientists and qualified specialists at Švenčionių Vaistažolės plant develops unique premium quality products. We strive at making the ancient wisdom, traditions and the riches of nature – medicinal herbs – to be available to everyone.


From the days of old, more than 500 medicinal herbs are known to have been used in the Lithuanian popular medicine. The specialised herbal shops existed in Vilnius since the 18th century, with herbal markets taking place every spring and summer.

The Švenčionys Region has a rich diversity of plants, which is determined by its advantageous geographical position. The meadows, forests and fields of the region are filled with various medicinal herbs. The nature itself was behind the idea of creation of a type of business characteristic to this area – collection of medicinal herbs.

The history of Švenčionių Vaistažolės plant begins in 1883, when N. Taraseiskis, a renown pharmacist in that area, established a herb purchasing and processing company. This date is now associated with the birth of the pharmaceutical industry in Lithuania.

Please read more about the historical development of Švenčionių Vaistažolės plant.


1935 year

The Švenčionys Herbal Factory was the leading and most active medicinal plant export point throughout Lithuania.


1941 year

The factory consisted of 4 production buildings, 12 raw warehouses, 3 heated dryers.


1944 year

80% of the factory buildings and production facilities were destroyed.


1945 year

A repair of the only surviving building has begun.


1946 year

Purchase points were established in Varėna, Lazdijai, Šalčininkai and Švencionys districts.


1953 year

The automative mashine was transferred to the factory, production capacity began to grow.


1954 year

Laboratory analysts are starting to work at the factory.


1955 year

The packing workshop was started to operate in the factory, with 21 workers working in it.


1959 year

The factory is faced with mechanization issues.


1966 year

A device for whipping buds.


1968 year

The collection of herbs also includes students who have prepared 11.48 tons of herbs per year.


1970 year

Packing of herbal mixtures for export.


1982 year

Production increased by 57.3%, production sales by 93.3% compared to 1952.


1983 year

The factory celebrates its 100th anniversary.


1985 year

The most famous Lithuanian herbage I.Šimkūnaitė often visited the factory.


1987 year

The laboratory checks the quality of raw materials.


2000 year

The factory started a major reconstruction.


2002 year

The reconstruction of the factory was completed.


2007 year

In the reconstructed laboratory, the raw material quality of the product is checked.


2017 year

Factory today

1883 m.
2017 m.

Quality and food safety policy

Upon implementation of the quality and food safety management system, Švenčionių Vaistažolės UAB, a manufacturer of tea, honey products and food supplements, undertakes to comply with the quality and food safety policy, which facilitates conformity with the top quality requirements.


  1. To comply with the requirements set forth in LST EN ISO 9001 and LST EN ISO 22000 standards in order to implement constant improvement of the quality of activities and produce, and to ensure food safety.
  2. To comply with the provisions of legal acts regulating the company operations and customer requirements.
  3. To analyse the needs of internal activities, partners and customers and to meet their expectations.
  4. To seek mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, business partners and suppliers.
  5. To seek improved management of activities through applications of a procedural and systematic approaches.
  6. To abstain from the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  7. To improve employee qualification, to ensure efficient and safe working conditions, and to maintain secure environment.
  8. To demand responsibility from every employee for the quality and safety of work.
  9. To apply progressive laboratory methods for the evaluation of the product quality.
  10. To improve the company image.
  11. To ensure public visibility of the quality and food safety policy, to present it in a comprehensive manner, and to implement, review and assess this policy.

Taking into account the external and internal factors, the company is planning to continue modernisation of its manufacturing processes and seeks implementation of premium level technology, which will allow further improvement of the quality of products.

The quality system of  Švenčionių Vaistažolės UAB is based on requirements set forth in LST EN ISO 9001 and LST EN ISO 22000 standards.


European Union projects

In pursuing its objectives, having been granted the EU assistance in 2014, the company launched implementation of the project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund: Enhancing Export of Švenčionių Vistažolės UAB by Participation in International Exhibitions (No VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-05-093), the value of which amounts to more than EUR 30,000. During implementation of the project, the company has presented its products at 3 exhibitions:

  • RIGA food 2014, Riga, Latvia
  • Arabhealth2015, Dubai, JAE
  • PLMA2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

During these exhibitions, the company presented its special teas, which are not only characterised by a fine flavour suitable for everyone, but also by the therapeutic properties. The company exchanged contact information with the potential partners and discussed the cooperation possibilities.

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